Friday, 14 December 2012

Auntie Sandy

Dear Auntie Sandy,

Mom has allowed me to borrow her account so I could drop you a quick note. 

Mom and Dad are both well. Mom still gets sad about Auntie Paula, in fact she woke up this morning sobbing as she had been dreaming about her. Mom asked Dad if it would ever get any better and he said not so much better but different. 

Of course Mom doesn't have much time to be sad at the moment, she's too busy making biscuits and cards to send out to friends and neighbours. Don't tell her, but I've tried several of her wares and they're not toooooooo bad. 

I am so excited about Christmas. I've been practising my present opening, Mom leaves them on the table for me and I open them and then she wraps them all over again and hides them in the loft. I heard her tell the rest of the house that unlike previous years Santa won't be leaving the presents under the tree, what a mean man! If I get a whiff of him I'll make sure he thinks twice about being so mean. 

Christmas Eve should be good too. We're having another Italian Extravaganza made up of pizza, lasagne, lemon ricotta cheesecake, tiramisu, garlic bread, pizza, ice cream, a bit more pizza and of course a tiny bit more lasagne. I'm not sure what everyone else is eating though!

I think we might all have to start Shrinking Saturdays in the New Year!

I'll try and Mom or Dad to post again before Christmas. 

Woof Woof



  1. Dear sweet Toni, if I lived just a wee bit closer, I would drop a bone or two in the post for you. Instead, I will ask Santa to please, please stop by with a butcher bone (a small one) so you have something to gnaw on while everyone else is opening up their gifts.

    I completely get your Mom's tears for Aunty Paula as I miss her dreadfully, too. And I miss hearing about your pal Buddy and his owner; I hope they are managing.

    For me it will be Christmas in Spanish in Colombia, up in the mountains. I won't have a tree, but I will likely have a peacock in the mango tree, unlike the partridge in a pear tree, and possibly an Amazon parrot in the lemon tree. I know you would love to come and visit me there as I also have two cats for you to chase, another dog-pal to hang out with, two ducks and five chickens - you might think you were in heaven!

    Sending you doggie pats and some hugs for your Mom and Dad... Aunty Sandy

  2. dear toni,

    my name is sadie, and i live across the pond. my mom told me about your letter, and i think we would be good friends, as we share a lot of the same interests. i am five years old, and came from a shelter. i didn't know a thing about presents or christmas, but one day mom and dad brought a tree into our house. a tree? i thought it was a big mistake! then one morning in the winter time everyone woke up early, and there were shiny things on the tree, and everyone was happy. i didn't know what to do or think. then mom and dad gave me something - it was inside of what tasted like the newspaper i fetch for them each day, except no writing and it was another color. then i could smell something coming from inside, so i opened it. it was a bone filled with doggie peanut butter! i wanted to gobble the whole thing up. but dad and mom insisted i open another thing. it was soft and squishy and it squeaked! scared me at first, but then it was so fun after i found out i could make it squeak like mad! that was my first christmas when i was only one year old. since then i have learned about birthdays, the easter bunny, and halloween. i love it when the little short boy and girl and their dog come to stay at mom and dads. they play all kinds of games with me and their dog, bear and like to teach us new tricks. being all together makes me happy, and so do treats and toys. when my mom and dad were both sick for a long, long time i had important jobs to learn to help them when they felt bad. i had to walk beside dad after he had to have a new leg to make sure he didn't fall. i learned where to snuggle up next to mom on her bed whenever she was cold and had pain. but we all took care of each other and now everything is fine. mom read your letter and she said to tell your mom that aunty paula still gets visits on her blog, and she reads them, then writes something to aunty paula and then she feels a little better.

    too bad we can't swim across that pond and meet each other. i like to swim, do you? but it's cold out now, and mom and dad bought me a coat. i don't think it would be good to swim in it. my mom says she will send you a photo (what's that?!) of me but first has to launch herself into the 21st century to be able to get one on her computer - these are her words, not mine - i don't know what she is talking about. never mind - i just gave her a "w-ha-t look, and she gave me a mini marrow treat. life is good - happy christmas to you, your dad and mom.

    arfs and licks to you toni - have a happy christmas.

    sent by my mom,

    karen, TC

  3. Dear Toni,
    My human servants are hopeless. They didn't read me your letter until today and now I feel so bad that I didn't send you a Christmas pressie in the post. Mind you, it sounds as if you are doing just fine with a feast like that! My lot were having a "storecupboard Christmas" so the pickings were bizarre. If I see one more chickpea, I will barf it into Her slippers. Luckily, the Old Man sneaked a few packets of out-of-date sausage rolls into his shopping basket with the newspapers, so all was not lost. We'll still be eating them NEXT Christmas!
    We had a toast to Aunty Paula at New Year. That's another box of tissues emptied.
    Say woof to Buddy if you see him.