Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The long and the short of it.

To answer Sandy's comment, no Mike is not still standing on the podium, I really am that short. Actually there isn't that much difference in our heights, only eleven and a half inches, not even a foot! I have suggested several times that we swap legs to even things out a bit.

On Monday Mike had his appointment at the hospital, gosh the three months have flown by. We were called in by the HCA only to be greeted by a registrar. Panic! The last time we were seen by a registrar rather than SB it was because the news was bad, very bad and I instantly thought "great, it's on its way back and SB won't tell us." I needn't have worried, Mike's pp is still less than two and everything is fine.

Which is more than I can say about my sinuses, five weeks later and after a week of TWO anti-biotics I am still suffering from the jaw pain that causes my teeth to hurt when I eat or drink or simply lie still. Back to the doctor's later.


  1. dear lorna and micky,

    i am so happy to hear all is well with the para-protein! and as for stature, lorna, i'm sure that after that uk myeloma presentation, you must have felt 10 feet tall, and micky, on cloud nine.

    so sorry about that subborn sinus infection, lorna. oh, that jaw pain - hope you got some relief (and answers) after your doctor's visit. please keep us posted - worried about you.

    love, xoxo,


  2. I see you on FB now and then, so I know you are both alive and kicking... that's truly great! As we enter the holiday shopping season, just was thinking this will be the first Christmas for Bernard and Buddy without our (and their) beloved Paula. Anyway we can collaborate on a message to let them know we are thinking about them? Thanks for being the facilitator...


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