Wednesday, 21 March 2012

21st Garden - March

Here we go again.

This year we are growing tomatoes, swedes, butternut squash, courgettes / zucchini (yes Paula, again!), beetroots, asparagus (takes 2 YEARS), carrots and peas. The chillies have started to grow:

The onions are starting to sprout:

The potatoes are in the garage 'chitting':

The blackcurrant and strawberries have moved to new homes, away from the strangulating raspberries:

Oh and Mike requested I post a much clearer view of the beautiful gate he made for me:


  1. Don't you still have leftover zucchini from last year? heh heh

  2. No, we ate the last of it from the freezer last October. I need to freeze more this year :-)

  3. Great gate Mike. Do you hire out? I have a bathroom we built 17 years ago and Tim still has not installed all the trim.

  4. Great gate Mike! Ahhhhhhhh - sorry Bud just stepped on my war wound. Can't wait to see the blossoming veggies and thanks for reminding me of 'chitting' I was trying to think of that word to say to B the other day but the best I could do was sprouting even though I knew it was wrong! :D

  5. I'd heard there was spring coming your way... and a lovely opening into that forthcoming garden, too, I might add. Looking forward to the updates!