Friday, 20 January 2012

What's that?!? 2012

Firstly, Mike is now much better, well his chest infection has gone at least. My memory continues to be a real problem. It is partly because of it that I blog so infrequently, I either forget to start a post or forget what it was I was going to say. It is so bad now that I often end up giving myself a migraine with the stress of trying to recall where I've put something.

Now that the jumper/dress is finally finished I have started on a pair of socks, surely they won't take me a year? Luckily the pattern repeat is very small and I can manage a set of rows before I put it down, that and a tally makes my memory less of an issue.

I forgot to mention previously that my Christmas pressie from Mike was a microscope which has a small camera that connects to the PC. I am now able to flummox you all with a new season of "What's That!?!" posts. How exciting is that?


  1. Glad Mike is feeling better. Chest colds are the most miserable of ailments we have to deal with in this mm world. With all you are dealing with, Lorna, your memory seems fine and your blogs are always interesting and frequently entertaining.

    My guess is a hair follicle or an angry sperm determined to reach 'home'.

  2. Girlie, I am so with you with the memory thing. I feel like my brain has turned to mush and it is really scary, and nerve-wracking. As I've said before, I'm hoping it's stress and my changing hormones. Onto my guess on the pic, before I forget, I think it's a strand of hair.
    I deal with strands of hair a lot, since I seem to be losing them along with my memory. :o(

  3. Oh golly, everyone else got the good choices... let's see... a Q-tip (cotton wadded stick) after cleaning the keyboard?

    By the way, Stephen, I prefer Angry Birds to your suggestion... though it might make a good game for teens and drive home the point that angry or not, those little guys can cause plenty of havoc if allowed to 'head home.'

    Memory... now where was I going with this? Oh, yeah... eat more walnuts!! Walnuts are supposed to be good for memory function. And try to cut out the stress which is a terrible 'acid' on the brain. Sending you both hugs and glad to hear Mike is feeling better.

  4. Good to hear Mike is better. Sorry about Lorna's memory though! I rely on lists. I just have to remember where I wrote them...