Sunday, 30 October 2011

What's That!?! 8

OK, it seems What's That!?! has a small, but nevertheless important, cult following. So by popular demand I give you these little beauties:


  1. If my previous post didn't show up, then perhaps this one will... or maybe you didn't get it moderated... in any case, it looks like #1 is a heart in green leaves to let us know you luv us with some kind of wierd winged bug in it and #2 looks like a mushroom hidden under Toni's fur... thanks for the challenge!

  2. Yes, I think pic 2 is a Toni freckle/splotch.
    #1 looks to be plant-like. An ivy leaf maybe?

  3. Okay I'm going with some sort of weird seed pod - although it does look tantilisingly (?) familiar. And since neither you or Mike are yet at the white hair stage I think two is some part of Toni that should have tan coloured fur but instead only has the coloured skin bit! Because as I found out when we looked after the little doggy that ate the sewing needle a doggy's skin is different coloured to match the hair. Having only had long haired dogs previously I didn't know that! :D But then again I'm probably horribly wrong!