Friday, 5 August 2011

Myeloma Fraud

Hi to all my friends out there!
You may be wondering what I mean by the above title..... well since I had my SCT in December and after, all be it a slow recovery, I seem to have been in remarkable health. I've managed to oversee a house re-fit and also to help Lorna rebuild the garden and fit a fishpond....... Don't feel ill at all......what a fraud! (I thought to myself this morning). I've been so busy being full of myself lately that I have been leaving Lorna to give all of our news on here and I feel more than a bit guilty about that.
I've got some appointments at New Cross next week, so maybe I'll find out if my new found health is real or a's hopin!
Did I say hopin? or Hoppin? Maybe hoppin soon cause we are off to Solfest on the 23rd August, my first pop festival since 1972 Lincoln), and Lorna's first ever!
I'm wafflin again!, I really must get back into Myeloma mode, so I will be reporting next week after my appointments, when I've been given my readings (hopefully a line of zero's, well not my reds and whites, but certainly my pp's) and hope I'm not as grreen as my new lawn.
Isn't marriage WONDERFUL!!!!!!!
Love Mike xxxx


  1. I am hopin' too! (((hugs))) to both of you!

  2. Love is a great healer... and I'm intending your numbers are in a perfect place so you can go on with all your pop festivals and life with Lorna and Toni!

  3. Tell me about it, everyone keeps telling me how well I look, including the doctor's receptionist today when I asked about a sick note! Fingers crossed for the numbers. :D xx

  4. That's the expression we use in our house too! And yes indeed - I think it is marriage that has brought that blush to your cheeks!