Tuesday, 21 June 2011

June 21st Garden

Thanks to Paula for her very prompt reminder that it is that time of the month again. It is also the longest day of the year, a fact which hadn't escaped my notice as the dawn chorus started at 3:41 this morning.

So here they are:
Some of my courgettes

Chilli plants

Carrots and peas


Garden peas


A chilli

3 blackcurrants, the only 3!


  1. I finally know what courgettes are. We call them zucchini here. Beautiful garden. It seems my new neighbor got his first hint that their gardening efforts might be doomed. The deer came and ate up his yard. He sprayed so much fox urine on his tomato plants last night(and got it all over our fence) that my whole yard reaks now and my beagle mutt is going crazy looking for the fox.

  2. We call it zucchini here too. I have the best recipe for zucchini and I am going to try to remember to scan it so I can send it to you. Do you have an e mail I can send it to?

    A belated Happy Birthday! Yay June 18th babies!

  3. Courgettes - blah - although they do look good. In fact it all looks so good. :D