Friday, 20 May 2011

Thinning Thursdays - weeks 15 and 16

I've just been reminded by Ruth that I need to update my progress. I refused to post last week as a protest at losing another paltry half a pound. I was so mad with useless body that I had to give it a good dressing down. So there you have it week 15 a grotty half a pound.

I have to admit that after our adventures up north I was dreading the way-in yesterday. There was far, far too much alcohol on Tuesday, which of course led to a bit of a binge on take away, although in my defence it was a proper chicken shish kebab and salad and I didn't touch the pitta bread. I did however eat the pitta bread with my mezzes on Wednesday and that was after a full English breakfast. All I could do was hope that I would have maintained. Oh while I think about it I can post a couple of photos of the pair of us at the Baltic.

In my defence, when Mike takes my photo he does so with the camera pointing down and I reckon it makes me look dumpy.

Him in doors.
And just for fun:
Stop smiling man and take it seriously.
OK back to the topic. Drum roll......... yesterday I had lost one and a half pounds.


  1. Yay! You see? You CAN eat all the pies and still lose weight!
    And that photo of Mike is priceless - I must show FL!

  2. Those half pounds and pounds add up! Keep at it!

  3. Love the pic of Mike - I've never seen one on a bridge round here mind you people tend to use the local multi-storey instead. I should write to the council and suggest a similar sign.

    And half a pound is still half a pound in the right direction. :D

  4. You look terrific, not dumpy at all! Can't wait to see the pics of your special day. Love the pic of Mike too. On the last day of Tim's transplant, we were all talking in the transplant room and I complained that the condo that we all had rooms in for the transplants, didn't have balconies on our floor. Our friend Marlene said, "that's because they're afraid we'd all jump." Happy Birthday to Toni. I can't believe my Lacey puppy will be a year the 31st.
    Feels like we just got her....well, not to Tim, who I think still doesn't realize he lost that battle.

  5. It is a proven fact that from time to time when you go off the routine that it causes you to lose weight... I don't think you look dumpy at all and have made great progress. I, however, am stalled out at 6.9 kilos since the end of January and haven't lost anything in two weeks. And I still have a bunch of kilos to go... maybe if I take up knitting like Roo it will fall away...great shots of both of you!

  6. Hi Lorna and Mike/Mick

    Thanks for posting your comments on my blog. Not sure if commenters get to see the replies I post, but I did reply asking if I may include your blog on my blogroll.

    Nice to see photos of you both. Actually the main reason I responded was due to the final photo... I live near a pedestrian crossing of a railway line and someone did throw themselves in front of a train about a year or two back, so there is now a similar sign from Samaritans at the gate. Certainly gives you pause to think.

    So far it's not been that bad for me. In fact although I get scared and weepy at times, I've been in a very positive space since I was diagnosed, despite the life-shortening aspect of myeloma. Strange, eh?

    As for weight loss, I've never been a fan of dieting, so I won't comment. I lost so much weight prior to being diagnosed and not put it back on. I'm probably medically at the correct weight for my height, but I miss my lovely, voluptuous, curvy body back.