Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Day

Yes it is May Day. I started out with so many plans. I may finally repot my tomatoes and put my snap dragons out in the front garden. I may cook the piece of beef I bought yesterday and make the family a proper Sunday roast. May be I would play my saxaphone for the first time since Mike was diagnosed or may be I would sort out my wardrobe, full of clothes that don't fit for one of two reasons.

So on this bright, sunny and very windy day, what exactly did I achieve? Absolutely none of the above. More of a May Be Not Day.


  1. I'm with you girl. I don't think I knocked one thing off my list today and I had big plans for a productive day and a roast too. Such is life.
    Roo probably sewed up half a wardrobe and got her whole weed garden herbed this weekend. I want the energy pills she's on. ;o)

  2. Maybe she has enough for us two too. No wonder she is so thin. ;-)

  3. I will forever remember your alternate definition of May Day - a May Be Not Day!

    Keep the list and tick it off when the motivation strikes. That way you won't feel that even the list was a waste! MIght add to it, * Get Roo's recipe for the energy beverage she must be drinking. It must be organic, but she might have to keep it a secret or everyone around the world would be sewing and stitching and gardening like crazy and the telly advertisers would be upset that no one is watching!

  4. You play the saxaphone - will you be doing a turn on THE DAY? I can't even play a set of spoons! ;D