Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Miles away.

"Penny for your thoughts, you look miles away." I'm always saying it to Mike. I saw a comedian on TV once doing his stand up routine on the subject. Turned out, according to him, that men usually aren't thinking of anything when they get that glazed look on their face, may be what they had for tea, but nothing world shattering. This morning it was Mike's turn to say it to me.

Funnily enough I was miles away, or at least wishing that I was. No I haven't fallen out with Mike enough to be thinking of getting away from him, more how useful I could be if I lived further north with my spade and drain rods so that I could help my dear friend in her hour of need. That, or how great a Star Trek transporter would be in such circumstances.

By the way, you might all like to check the date that Mike posted last. I think you may be surprised to find we still haven't got a linen basket.


  1. I wonder if she could use a big crochet hook? Are you telling me you unblock drains TOO? You are DIY Superwoman indeed!
    Yeah the basket case had me going for a while til I saw the date...

  2. Stuff her, come sort my toilet and dig my garden instead! ;D