Friday, 1 April 2011

Basket Case

Hi People's, long time no post.
Not a lot different has been happening for me in the last week or two........ until this week that is.
No, I haven't just become a basket case, I will come to that in a while when I have explained about my two hospital appointments I have attended this week.
Numero uno was on Monday at 4 pm when I was summoned to the Outpatients dept. to see Dr. B.
We turned up at 3.35pm to allow time for the vampires to do their worst, and worst it was too. My regular vamp, Miss J, was absent, so I pointed to the place on my arm that is the best, least painful spot...... mistake..... Never TELL a vampire where to put a needle. This one knew much better, and decided on a vein 1cm to the left of normal and found the smallest most painful vein in my arm and proceeded to attach/remove 5 vials ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch.
Once I'd wussed back into the waiting room and my arm had stopped throbbing, I was called in to the consultation room by one of the junior doctors in Dr. B's team." Do you meaan I have gone through all of that pain, just to speak to someone who is asking me to tell her how i'm getting on with my mantainence Revelamid that I've not yet started!" I whispered loudly to Lorna.
Not to panic, cause after explaining that this appointment was arranged so that Dr. B could explain about the mantainence therapy he was considering putting me on, the very pleasant jd popped through and dragged Dr. B into the room.
Obviously trying to appeal to my vanity, Dr.B's first words were: "Your looking thin".
"I think it is due to the Melphelan dieting aid" was my quickfire reply." and you have only ever known me as fat since it was you who gave me 'Mr Chubbycheeks Dex' as a side dish. This is now the real me!"
Well it transpires that I am doing too well for the government to allow the "mantainence" treatment, as my Igg is stable at below 2 and my pp's are also below 2 and my bloods aren't strong enough at 11.5 hb and 73 platelets, because the Revelamid would make em worse and anyway, there are newer drugs and some trials coming through soon.
I'M CONFUSED, but still sane..... watch this space.
My second appointment was with Dr. O, in the Renal clinic, who said that he may have some idea of what is wong with my Kidileys....ta Paula,lol. To go any further he would want to do another biopsy, but me platelets are too low for this at present.....PHEW, Lorna still doesn't understand this one. He is just going to keep a watching brief instead and see me again in 3 months. So again watch this space if you want to help us sort the mystery.
On the subject of space, I decided earlier this week to start my own creative day, just to keep up with the rest of you talented beings, aka Lorna with her Knitting, Paula and Ruth with their Knitting and stuff. So here is my "Creative Friday".... Well I started the other day, but it is now Friday.
Yes you guessed it..... Basket weaving, and here I am sat in the sunshine with the fruits of my labour takin shape:

Soon we will be blessed with a new linen basket and my life then will not just have been in vein.


  1. New drugs coming through? Really? I wonder how long it will take the news to reach the North?! So you are "too well"? I think that's a good thing... though I don't like the sound of a biopsy. Well, who would? Basket weaving?!?! I am lost for words. LOL

  2. I am amazed... and I loved your final pun... yes, you are a wee bit thin - don't turn sideways or you might not cast a shadow!!! Just kidding... but if you like milkshakes, you could start having them for lunch to add a few kilos. None of us want to be on the diet you've been on, but I have to say I am a tad bit envious since I am struggling to drop mine.

    I will be watching this space....

  3. Yay on a stable 2! I read this and intended to come back with some smart remark on the basket weaving, obviously now I'm glad I couldn't think of anything.

    I take it from the wiggly nature of the outgoing strand that it was in fact an old basket and would have been nowhere near big enough for your household anyway.

    Oh and 'life in vein'! Very witty. :D

  4. Yay at stable under 2s.

    I read this and had to go away and thing and something smart to say about the basket weaving - I'm glad I couldn't think of anything. From the kinky nature of the working strand I take it your undoing it because a basket that size wouldn't accommodate your household needs.

    'Not been in vein!' hehe