Thursday, 3 March 2011

Thinning Thursdays - week 5.

Well it is week 5 and I have lost another one and a half pounds. I'm bitterly disappointed, especially as I've been trying so hard and exercising to the point that I thought my knees would seize up and I'd never be able to move them again. I doesn't matter how much I try to oil them, they just won't move these days. In truth all I wanted to lose was two pounds a week to achieve a decent weight-lose for the big day, but that missing half a pound for the last two weeks has really made me mad.

My creative space is still piled high with curtains. Hopefully they'll be completed by next week and I'll be able to post pics. One good thing about having my machine out the loft is that I finally got round to replacing a zip on a denim skirt that broke about 4 years ago. Funnily enough it doesn't even fit me anymore. Mike says it will soon. He also kindly pointed out that if the weight took a year to arrive it might take a year to shift, which is great if you consider I've got four years to shift!!!!

The jumper I'm knitting continues to grow very, very slowly. May be by next Winter it will be completed. (I'm not saying which Winter though.)

Mike is currently suffering from an extremely bad case of itchiness. He has either been playing with poison ivy (who ever she may be) or lying down with dogs (not Toni or Bud because they are both clean and flea-free). Talk about ants in the pants, he scratches all through the night, it's like sleeping on a vibrating bed.


  1. My puppy was itching a lot in bed. Have you checked Mike for mange? ;o) Transplants do cause dry skin. It took Tim 3 months for his skin to recover. I made him use very plain, perfume free, moisturizing soaps, like Kiss my Face soap or other olive oil based ones. They don't lather well, but help not to further dry the skin without those detergent agents that make all that lather.

  2. I put on 500g (we have digital scales did you guess) so you can be insulted in 100g increments. I guess the third of a Boaster was just too much! ;D

  3. I don't think I could stand to be that insulted.

  4. I now weigh what I weighed the day I got home from the hospital after giving birth to Olivia.
    :o( I want to find a scale that measures weight
    in "stone" so I can feel better about a much smaller number.

  5. Progress, even if small, is progress. Suggestion: Try eating six small meals a day, eliminating all 'whites' (rice, potatoes, bread, etc) instead of three larger ones, and eat the largest meal at breakfast, the next larger mid-day and lightest in the evening. Use Stevia in your tea, instead of sugar. This might be helpful - I hope it is!! It is how I am managing.

  6. @Denise. I converted to Kilos in the hope it would make me feel better, it didn't :(