Monday, 21 March 2011

Gardening for the 21st Century

Well to be more precise, another way to bore you all with my garden. Like Paula's monthly photo of the view from her house I thought I could have a monthly pic of my garden and the plants as they grow. I actually planted the first of my seeds a month ago, chillies and aubergines.

Chillies after 10 days
 A week ago I planted sweetcorn and courgettes.
Courgettes today

Chillies and aubergines today

Today I started digging over the vegetable patch ready to plant the carrots, leeks and beetroots next weekend. There is still a lot to do before then though.

Vegetable patch


  1. I shall enjoy watching your garden grow... knowing that it represents the hope you have for your future with your beloved... and I intend it is a long one!

  2. I'll barter B painting your fence for you digging my garden! I too shall enjoy watching your garden grow... knowing that mine will probably still be somewhat similar to its current state this time next year. ;D