Monday, 7 March 2011

Drawing a veil over things.

Well the first pair of curtains are finally complete. I'm not sure if it was my lack of experience or the sheer size of them that caused the project to take so long. I know it took the two of us to hang them, one to put the hooks in the other to hold the weight! They did cause a few heated discussions too, there were moments when methods were questioned and suggestions given. Some were taken others were not. Any way they are drawn now and look very impressive.

Talking of veils, I am beginning to start thinking seriously about what I should wear for my big day in fourteen weeks time. I'm definitely not going for the meringue dress, I'm too old and it just isn't me. (Phew I hear you all say!) I'm not even sure whether I'm even going to wear a dress, may be I'll wear trousers (yes Mike I know, I already wear the trousers...hehe hehe.) I'm actually contemplating doing something really different and would love to at least make the little touches myself. I'm definitely not up to making my own clothes, but I do have some ideas which I will share with you all as the weeks go by.

I wonder if may be I should start a new blog, or change the title of this one. We certainly don't mention the dreaded M word much and I feel a bit of a fraud! Mike still has very itchy skin and is still Fred Bear. That's one thing I might have to make for June if Fred is still Bear.


  1. Isn't it great that MM is taking a back seat to your Life? My relatives started a blog because of MM and right now are enjoying a life where MM is rarely mentioned, but the blog is where the family goes to keep in touch and keep up on various activities. Perhaps that is what is encouraging about coming here is that people do manage to live with the disease and that it is not immediately fatal.

    We make friends through MM and because we want the best for our friends, we keep coming back to cheer them on, through whatever joys or frustrations are delivered. Hope this is helpful on whether or not to start a new blog. And I cannot wait to see what you will create for your very special day with Mike!

  2. Most of the time, I don't post about MM either. Though my blog name does not mention MM, I still get MM websites that ask if they can include my blog. I let them and figure if folks aren't interested in the mundane stuff of my life, they don't have to read it. Luckily, life isn't all myeloma, all the time. I think if Mike is still hair-challenged when your big day rolls around, you better hide that Tina wig! ;o)

  3. Ooh yes - lets talk about dresses! Or trousers if you prefer, but lets turn this into a fashion blog! ;)
    And if Mike was to wear a kilt....

  4. It turns out the wedding dress shop from Big &*^ Gypsy Weddings is right near the Royal - I can always pop in for tips! ;D

    I always found with curtains that (if you are physically able) if you put the curtain over one shoulder about half way down you can then hang them from the rail without anything, except maybe a muscle, pulling. Will there be pics following?