Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Great Northern Run

Waking up yesterday feeling a lot better for some reason best known to the Myeloma secrets society, Lorna and I decided to try and help a maiden in distress. We set off from home on the Great Northern Run, aka train to St. Helens to deliver a crochet hook. A most pleasant day it was too. We had tea and a long chat with Paula and B and reluctantly bade farewell when B gave us a lift back to the railway station.
Well planned so it appeared....... until we realised that the next train was at 18.10 and it was 17.15. But we need not have worried, as someone with aforethought had conveniently built an inn called "The Junction" right over the railway bridge. We hastily ventured across the bridge and out of the cold night air settling down to a pint and a packet of crisps quietly tucked away in a corner, the locals all lined up against the bar on stools.
A friendly bunch they were, chatting away. I wasn't taking much notice until I heard the words "Spearmint Rhino"...... why were the locals so amused by chewing gum? And why then did the conversation turn to the function room upstairs being named "The Gay Loft". Jim in his cap was bemused.....chewing gum and happy people in the loft? Good job it was 18.05..... time to make a sharp exit.
All in all a really god day, thank you to our northern hosts xxxx

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  1. Was this happening in the Liverpool area? These couldn't have been Liverpoolians, could they? You both will get gold stars on your duty roster today forgoing above and beyond!