Sunday, 20 February 2011

Enough already

Those of you who keep up with the goings on of Myeloma bods who blog will know only too well that it hasn't been a good 6 months here in the UK. Naming no names for fear of causing embarrassment we have had a spate of relapses and it feels as if there must have been something in the water as people have been dropping like flies. So without further ado:

"Myeloma enough already. Go away and leave us all in peace for at least the next 50 years!"

Poor Mike has been feeling a bit under the weather today. He reckons his Hb is low and plans to give the Day Unit a call in the morning so that they can check his levels and either put his mind at rest or give him the blood he thinks he needs. It's a long time until his next appointment with his consultant!


  1. It has been a gloomy day across the Atlantic 'cuz even though there's big lot of water between us, it still affects us when we hear about our friends having challenges... just wanting to let you know that we are listening - and praying and intending.

  2. Excuse me, Mike - get to the back of the queue! Lorna is right - it is absolutely not your turn to cause trouble, so behave yourself, OK?!
    Be well!

  3. I'm with ya Lorna. Wish I never heard of MM.
    Feel better Mike!

  4. Yeah maybe there should be some sort of club in a dimly lit basement where certain ones of us could sit round in a circle and take it in turns to stand up and say 'My name is Fluffy Bottom Bunny Rabbit (well it would be anonymous) and my myeloma has relapsed.' ;D