Thursday, 13 January 2011

Too many fingers and three thumbs.

Secretly, I've been knitting not one but three projects! I know it's not the best idea, but each of them has their own merits. One is an endless circle first of rib then stocking stitch which was perfect for the train journey to see Mike. A second was started with quickness and ease in mind using 6 1/2 mm needles, that one is almost finished. The third, well that project was started because youngest daughter spotted some wrist warmers in Dottie Perkins and she duly requested that I knit her some. This is my effort so far. One down one to go.
I was doing fine, until I came to the thumb. What a nightmare that was. With only 12 stitches on 3 needles I found that every time I moved onto a new needle, the other two needles would go AWOL! I was about to parcel the darn thing up and send it Northwards for either Paula or Ruth to sort out. (I know I should have asked for advice but that would have meant waiting for the reply!)

Is this where I'm supposed to say what the yarn is and where I found the pattern?
The yarn is; Rowan Silky Tweed in 'Jazz' (80% lambswool 20% silk) and the pattern is; well one I made up having looked at several (I mean 50, none of which daughter liked). I know it's very simple, but we love the double moss stitch, it seems to really suit the yarn.

Mike continues to take his 1g of anti-biotic every 6 hours and the anti-sickness tablets every 8 hours to combat the nausea cased by the mega dose of anti-biotic. The anti-sickness unfortunately causes drowsiness or should that be fortunately?


  1. Well, I suppose it depends on whether or not you need one of his hands to complete your knitting tasks..... glad he is home and that you have time to enjoy your projects!

  2. Ohhhhhh, get you Miss NO PATTERN!

    Lorna you need more than one, two, three, four, projects on the go to consider yourself a REAL hardcore on the edge knitter. None of this finish one and then move onto the next nonsense. ;D

    And Rowan wool again - get you - none of the cheap stuff!

  3. What's going on? Is this a knitting blog? Blimey, some people are full of fancy ideas aren't they? Not only is she knitting - she's designing too! Watch out Mike, you might wake up wearing a silly hat!