Wednesday, 19 January 2011

It's war, choose your weapon.

As you all know, we've recently (finally) had our bathroom completed so it was time for a few finishing touches. You know the sort of thing, a towel rail, a soap dish, a loo roll holder and a shelf. We'd ordered them online Monday afternoon so that Mike could have a say, rather than me going into a shop and choosing for myself (which I should have done). After a few heated discussions we found a happy medium, although I may only have won because Mike got tired.

Most of the stuff arrived today and I was eager to get started with the drill. That was where war really began. Before Mike came along I was quite independent and had my own power tools, a drill, an electric saw, an angle grinder and of course a tool bag full of useful items. Then Mike arrived bringing along his own drill, another angle grinder and a jigsaw. So until recently things went smoothly as we could both work at the same time on the same job. Then Mike wore out his drill trying to put up a kitchen cupboard, my walls are a bit on the tough side. That left my drill all alone to do the work, it too decided it was all too much and started spitting out bits of copper from the motor armature. So that meant we had buy a new drill, but who does it belong to? I say it is my drill as I went into the shop to buy it. Mike says it is his drill as he is more likely to use it (I'll use it more on him if he doesn't watch out!) To make matters worse it came with a "free" drill driver.

So the war began. We both wanted to play with the new drill. Mike said I was too short to reach and I said he was supposed to be resting. We tried to take it in turns but it was hopeless. I thought maybe he could drill and then I'd use the drill driver but he wouldn't shift out of the way.  In the end Mike did eight holes and I did four (and all the tidying up afterwards.)

Employment wanted
Handygirl with own equipment available for diy tasks.


  1. Only yesterday I used my manual drill driver to remove the mouse cover so that its insides could dry out on the radiator after the m-i-l made me spill water on (from four miles away but that's by the by). On the way to the mouse with the manual drill driver I had chased after Buddy saying I was going to manually drill driver his tail off! I keep thinking every knock at the door is the RSPCA! ;D

    Good to see Mike's up to drilling it not yet drill drivering! ;O

  2. Well, you could always use the "no power tools until platelets hit 50,000" excuse. It's actually true. He's not supposed to be using anything that could cause an injury/cut. Mike definitely has to keep his paws off your chainsaw until those platelets rebound. ;o)
    I don't know what's going on with my husband. Not only is he letting me drive his new truck in the snow and wretched weather but he's let me use his brandy new drill several times. He must be mellowing in his old age.

  3. Chuckle... sounds like the new program on the telly... DIY or I'll Do It For Ya!