Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ground breaking news.

Today's headlines on Day +11...........

Doctor says not possible to have a syringe driver via Hickman line despite what consultant said.

Mike has a nasty bug living on his line, it is to be removed this afternoon.

Mike's platelets down to 17.

Mike zonked out on antisickness.

Mike has PICC line inserted.

Now isn't that the sort of thing we all like waking up to? No? Well as they say, Good News is No News.

If you are as old as Mike and me you'll remember going your 11+. It was the exam you took in the last year of junior school which decided your fate for secondary school. Pass and you were off to The Grammar School, fail and it was The Comp for you. There is an air of that exam permanently around us at the moment. Will Mike pass or fail his SCT? Will I pass or fail as a carer?


  1. Lorna, so sorry to hear this. Thinking of you both and hoping the 'nasty bug' can be removed successfully.

  2. Well I had a syringe driver attached to one of my hickman dangly bits from the start - it had regular antisickness in it and then the motion sickness med AND then the heroin, I mean, diamorphine! It was a real cocktail. Obviously mute point now but there you go anyway.

    Dare I ask - how many neutrophils has Mr G made?


    PS - I have HEARD of the 11+!

  3. A bug on his line? Is it MI5? Is all that puking and pooing making his wiki leak?
    Sorry - anything for a cheap gag! (Gag - gettit?) Gentle non-squeezy hugs from afar!

    Ha! the word verifying thingy is "colony"

  4. Perhaps being zonked out is a good thing for Mike. Hopefully once the tainted Hickman cath comes out all will improve. Those pesky platelets take a little while to come back from their holiday. How are Mike's other counts? Hang in there Lorna. Take it one day at a time. Get some rest when you can and remember a little drink won't hurt.

  5. Oh Boy, that Mike tends to take the hard road, doesn't he. I'm so sorry to read this. I really thought he'd have come around the bend by now.
    He can make a non-worrier worry. Hope things start going the right way soon. I know you'll both pass this test but you surely are earning your grade. Deep breaths, girl. Hang in there Mike.