Friday, 14 January 2011

False alarm

Mike has had to go back to the hospital today to have some blood tests done. As I don't drive and there was no one else available it was either public transport or ambulance to get there. So groovy ambulance it was. I got left at home as they are not allowed to carry anyone other than the patient. Mike has been feeling extremely tired as as such thought that his Hb must be really low. Turns out that he was wrong, his Hb had actually gone up from 10.3 on Tuesday to 11.4 today.

Mike has been seen by the doctor on the day case unit who has decided to alter Mike's anti-sickness and stop the 4g a day anti-biotic, which seemed to be the cause of Mike feeling so unwell.  All in all I'm thinking the visit was a good thing for us both. May be now I won't be woken every hour by poor Mike's retching and I won't be so tired and frazzled that a remark like "I feel so much safer at the hospital" feels like a stab in the back. Thanks for that.

On safer ground, I have finished my "big guns" project. It looked quite good in the picture I saw online, on me it looks...... well I'll let you all decide how I look.

Hooded Scarf.
I'm a garden gnome too Paula !

I may possibly, (well it's always open to debate,) have once been as hysterically funny as Paula. Unfortunately I have a lot on my plate and that has stopped me being funny (I quote someone else there). Apologies to anyone who visists the blog expecting humour, a full refund will be given on request.


  1. The first week home, Tim got out of breath just walking from our bedroom to the loo. It's a VERY short walk. Each week, the improvement will be dramatic. Transplants will make you weak and breathless despite the rising hemaglobin. It is very common too for patients to feel a little less secure away from the hospital after such a huge thing like a transplant. I know people who were afraid to go home. They just felt that if something were to happen, help is right there. Next week will see a big difference in how Mike feels and you'll both benefit from it. Love the hooded scarf. Perfect for this cold, windy weather we're having here in Jersey.

  2. Oh yeah, big guns, big needles! Doh! I see Toni is really impressed. It looks very Russian - maybe you could add a bell to the end and it's a lovely colour.

    Are you sure the stabbing didn't result from rolling onto a big gun? ;D xx

  3. I think being tired just comes with the territory. I am day +29 and still get exhausted just by doing little things. Of course that means I can't cook, clean or do laundry because it just wears me out. I look at that as an added benefit. Also, I still get bouts of nausea that come on with no warning and I still have a horrible taste in my mouth that makes my favorite foods taste like pond scum. I'm told this will eventually go away but it can't go away fast enough. My blood counts have almost returned to normal so this is good. Sounds like Mike's counts are on the rise as well. Hang in there, looks like all is going well.

    Love the garden gnome look...........

  4. Well I didn't know I could apply for a refund... tee hee... nah, I don't really want one. I didn't come here for the Comedy Hour, I'm just stopping by to let you know there is someone cheering you on. I always felt deprived that I didn't make the cheerleading squad in high school, so I guess this is my outlet. Sis Boom Bah! Go Mike Go!

  5. I think the hat/scarf is great! In thinking of you guys I got my self a knit hat, with a mohawk, that has the Union Jack. Everyone expects me to have an accent when they compliment the hat. But yours is even better (and looks warmer!) Congrats to Mike, and as I said before, when he gets himself back together, a half-pint of Guinness would help. If he can't do it, I'll volunteer!

    Now about the under 50 myeloma calendar - I commented on someone's blog about this but never heard back. I'm still interested and am willing to shave the head to do it! I'm planning some sort of MM fundraising and will make a big splash of that in the near future!

    Cheers and congrats!