Sunday, 9 January 2011

Day +15 Counts.

In the light of Mike's post yesterday, the title of which caused a few to panic (I think they thought he'd died) I decided to make today's title simple and to the point. The doctor didn't give us yesterday's counts so difficult to see the whole picture.

WBC: 3.2
Neutrophils: 2.2
Platelets: 20 (Increase darn you!)

We've had another afternoon watching the FA Cup, things would have been much better if they served beer in this hostel.

We are also realising what a pain it is not to have a Hickman line. Mike is on his fourth cannula in three days and each time he has a new one it takes at least three attempts. Mike's arms are looking a bit sorry for themselves.


  1. Well I for one thought it was going to be about WBA and the FA cup! (I didn't find that out for myself B told me.) Maybe that's stopped the platelets partying and multiplying! ;D

    I thought there was going to be a PICC line instead of the Hickman.

  2. The PICC line fell out all by itself. (Don't tell anyone, but the reason Mike has goten through so many cannulas is that the staff forget to lock it off with the little white clip after giving the IV antibiotics. Sshh I didn't tell you!)

  3. Glory be... Mike is surviving in spite of their attempts to knock him off! I shall do a big intention tonight that the platelets are moving in the proper direction for the highest and best good of all concerned, but esp. Mike!