Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Day +10 and it's more poo and puke.

That's about it folks. Green poo and green puke. Oh and there is some sort of infection in Mike's blood that comes from him. Nothing seems to work so now it's a syringe pump for the antisickness. Mike isn't eating and whatever he drinks just comes back. He feels terrible and there seems to be no end in sight.

To top it all I now don't even have a toilet at home so I've got to stay in a hotel. I don't even have my own pillows to sob into or a dog to comfort me.


  1. been following you for awhile as we prepare for my husband’s transplant. sending positive, healing energy to you and mike (and wishing i could send a toilet for home as well...)

  2. Thank you angry angel for your kind thoughts. I hope your husband's transplant goes more smoothly than Mike's x

  3. I'd forgotten about the green puke - its vile - well it is but actually its bile! Day 10 !!! I had green puke on Day 0 - I remember because I barfed in front of the nurse who was popping my stem cells back in so she was able to tell me why it was green!

    And Mike infected himself - the filthy beast!

    I had the antisickness meds in the pump from the get go although I did go 5* rather than YMCA! Typing of which you leave him in the hostel and go to a hotel not even a B&B, a hotel! (Make the most of it!)

  4. It might be a hotel but I bulked at £10.50 for breakfast, there's a McD round the corner though. Should I be left alone in Birmingham? I might end up in a bar!!!

  5. Lorna, maybe you need the bar at this point. I'm so sorry that Mike is having such a rough time. It really will get better, it just has to. Please take care of yourself. Mike is in good hands. You both will get through this. Has Mike's blood counts begun to rebound at all?

  6. I've finally gotten through it all and I have to say I am unbelievably impressed with you and what you've been doing. This is a huge effort for you. I don't want to sell mike short as he's dealing with the physical stuff but what you go through is a mental wreck! Realize that you are part of what will make mike pull through this (as it sounds like the medical crew aren't doing much!). Having said that, you need to refresh yourself and seriously take a bit of me time if possible!!

    I expect to hear from Mike in a few days and expect to see him in some bizarre outfit. If you send me an addy I'll find something really Yank-obnoxious from the states! Big wishes and happy thoughts from across the pond!!


  7. Ugh, Mike, your body sure seems to hate chemo.
    All the more reason to go into a LLOONNGGG remission and stay away from that stuff. Pulling for you guys. Better days are coming.

  8. I know this is awful for you, and worse for Mike. Try to not go ahead in your head, but stay in the day... or maybe just in the minute. Some things if you imagine they will go on forever just wear you down in the thinking of it. So my little trick is to say to myself, "I can get through this minute." And I am being a dog nanny for a couple of weeks, so I will send the extra dog-loves your way to help see you through... hugs