Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Big Bad Day (+14)

Well folks, this is the day that is the difficult one to write about. Wondering why?
overnight they pumped 2 pints of red cells into my system, I awoke to not feeling sick and not having suffered the runs. I had a hearty appetite that was quelled with cornflakes followed by bacon and plum tomatoes on toast and a pint of coffee. I was given my Antibiotic shots , had lunch, listened to the football, read the paper, still didn't feel sick, stopped taking the loperamide................. Boring old well was I today, and apart from the fact my truelove sat with me all afternoon which was lovely(shoulders up to ears chuft I was), nothing horrible, nasty ,unusual disastrous happened that I could put on here.
Not eeeeven blood results cus they were late taking em. Mind you the doc did say I might go home next week and I can have more visitors tomorrow!
That's all that happened ..............soz :-)


  1. Did you make your truelove listen to football? Or did you sneak the earphones in and then nod intelligently while she read aloud to you from an edifying work of English literature? The goals would have given you away though...!
    Great to hear they are making plans to throw you out!

  2. OMG what a really crappy boring uneventful ordinarily dull day (apart from Lorna's visit - Congratulations!

    And now we know what the Chinese mean by that expression - 'May you live in interesting times' being a bad thing! ;D

  3. How totally wonderful to have such a boring and normal day!!! May this be the beginning of thousands more!

  4. You're right, that was boring. Isn't it wonderful to have boring days like that? If this continues, they will most certainly kick you out. I am day +23 today and I am cherishing those boring days right now. Wishing you a speedy discharge. Stay out of trouble!