Thursday, 30 December 2010

There is no escape!

I was going to entitle the post "5 gold rings" but under the circumstances that might have been taken as extremely bad taste. On day +3 Mike was convinced he was going to avoid the side effects of the 'M'. Yesterday he thought "OK I feel nauseous but I can cope."

Today is a different story. Not only has his nausea turned to actually being sick, but he also woke with a headache. Now to me a headache is simply a niggling pain that I know is there but I can work through or at worst needs 1 paracetamol to cure it. For Mike it is so bad that 2 paracetamol do little to alleviate the pain and until it goes away there is nothing he can do but curl up in a ball and hope.
(I've tried poking him in such situations to see, if like a hedgehog, he will uncurl, but it doesn't seem to work.)

For all those number people out there I thought I'd share some of Mike's numbers.
WBC: 7.0
Platelets: 167
Neutrophils: 6.4

WBC: 1.4
Platelets: 96
Neutrophils: 1.3


  1. '1 paracetamol cures a headache' - is it cut with something? I can sympathise with the headache having 'suffered' with migraines - B didn't understand - he gets tension headaches and carries on! Cold helps soothe mine. Is it still snowy with you - could you wheel him outside? Or, maybe you need a sharper stick! ;D

  2. Snow left us days ago and it's really quite mild outside. The ward of course is set at a permanent 25 degrees C!!!!

  3. It takes a few days for that darn Melphalan to kick in. Take heart though. It is only 2 or 3 days that you feel pretty bad. I know that can seem like a lifetime when it's you that feels so cruddy but it will go fast. The best thing Mike can do is take meds that will help him sleep through it. Over here, they use IV Ativan.
    Believe it or not, I gave Tim reflexology foot massages. Massaging the pressure points in the feet can make the whole body feel better and it was very soothing for him.

  4. Lucky he is a hedgehog and not a porcupine if you are poking him with a stick!

  5. Poor Mike to be poked at all... here´s intending he is uncurling very soon!!

  6. I am one of those people prone to headaches, migraine and colds. Usually, my first recourse is White Flower Embrocation (, also called White Flower Oil