Sunday, 12 December 2010

Run Buddy, Run!

Dear Buddy,
Run as fast as you can. There are evil people out there who will try and turn you into a laughing stock if given the chance. I know that Auntie Paula has already mentioned the attachment of antlers, believe me, it will only be the start of years of humiliation. Look what can happen if you don't keep your wits about you. Last year Matt dressed me up in a simple Xmas bib:
 This year Chris dressed me up in a Santa coat, boots and antlers. 
I live in fear about what might happen next year.

I implore you Buddy, watch your back, you never know when they might strike.

Love Toni. x x x


  1. OMG Toni - Thanks for the heads (or should that be tails) up on this. 'Someone' came home with a set of antlers at the weekend and tried to lull me into wearing them by putting them on first. Then they put them on me, so I stood on the things in preparation to chew them. After that they put them on again and bent down to show me it was okay, so I got hold of them again HAH! Fortunately tonight Paula found the stuff she was looking for to make cards but she still thinks it might be cute to stick the antlers on me anyway. P thought you looked hysterical so I'm sleeping with one eye open from now on!
    love Buddy - woof, woof!

  2. This blog is going to the dogs at a dead run... haha! Why do humans think it is so funny to outfit their pets in costumes? I once knew a lady who dressed up her cats in hats and dresses and somehow got them to tolerate it while she did a commentary in a high pitched voice as if we were watching a puppet show... totally nuts and I laughed myself sick...

  3. Sandy, in my defence it wasn't me, but my sons who are guilty of animal cruelty. I merely took the pictures to prove how mean they are. :-)