Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Oo-er vicar

As I may have mentioned, we recently had some old windows replaced with double-glazed ones. This unfortunately meant that we had to go and buy curtain tracks. It seems that over the last 20 years the plastic hooks that held the track had become extremely brittle and as Mike tried to take the track down they broke, leaving us no choice but to buy new ones.

So off we went to the local DIY superstore. We chose our tracks and just as we were going to pay we spotted the Christmas decorations with 70% off. Yes 70% off meant we had to at least look. So I'm standing there, checking out the lights when suddenly Mike says in a very loud voice "Why don't we decorate your bush!"

So here it is and what a lovely bush even though I say so myself:

Now what did you think I was talking about Ms P?


  1. Gosh it must be cold with all that snow on it, you better watch you don't get a cold! ;D

  2. Testing the readers, are you? Make yourself merry and why don{t you tell the doc to stuff it when he calls the day before and wants you to bring Mike it... I mean the turkey you were planning to have.