Sunday, 21 November 2010

Bathrooms by "Beirut"

I wasn't going to share this in case you all got worried, but as Paula has been talking about her new bathroom I thought I might as well.
A few weeks ago, while Mike was off relaxing (OK he was having his line put in), the nice men came to put in our new central heating. Just as well as the weather was starting to get a bit nippy and our boiler broke last April. Our new system which includes a solar panel (rubs nails on jumper in a how smart are we kind of way) means that the hot water storage is now in the loft and so we no longer had any need for an airing cupboard. The old tank and it's surrounding cupboard were duly taken out leaving us with a bathroom that looks like this:

Did I mention that all the plaster and tiles fell off the wall into the bath?

Funnily enough, Mike had been going on and on at me about wanting a sunken soap dish, but I had always said "You are not knocking holes in my bathroom walls." As you can see, it looks like he might get his own way. Did I mention that the tiles broke the bath?

Not to worry, Mike fixed it with his "Hard and Fast"......

We have chosen a new white bathroom as we were reliably informed that Pergamon was no longer available. (I've got a real sulk on about it too!) ;-)

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  1. Oh, oh - I remember my Great Auntie Betty had a 'in the wall' tile shower dish - I think my Auntie Lucy (not real Auntie but one of those neighbour Aunties) did too - she also had a yellow bathroom suite and tiles with black trim and a mother of pearl effect bathroom suite - she also had a kitchen and stove from the 50s and this was in the 80s! Mind you she also had a mangle in the little shed in the yard which I remember her using and having a go of!

    Pergamon - we will just have to grit out teeth and get on with our lives! ;(