Thursday, 21 October 2010

Revenge of the root crop.

I thought I'd share the latest weird vegetable from my garden with you all. Don't worry he won't hurt you, even if a friend on fb suggested he might be the next Dr. Who creature.


  1. Do you live by a nuclear power plant or does Mike garden in his Tina get-up? Y'all get some twisted veggies over there. ;o) I shouldn't talk. I don't garden at all. Seems like a whole lotta work just to feed the bunnies 'round here.

  2. Does it cure Myeloma? Maybe it is a godsend or something?!?! I would probable nibble on it :) This could be our own clinical trial!

  3. It reminds me of an old campy film called "Tabonga, the tree that walks" that came out in black and white years and years ago. I'd be a little concerned about what is going on in the garden after hours...