Friday, 29 October 2010

Poo, crap and pissed off.

Mike had an appointment with his consultant this morning. Unfortunately he had arranged for a builder to come round, forgetting he had the appointment, so I had to stay at home. Mike was told his pp are down to 9 which is good news and that he is to have his central line put in on Monday almost 5 weeks before the SCT, which I think is really bad news. So at the risk of making Mike angry I am going to have a real rant and ask the question "How do you manage to be intimate with someone who has a central line in?" I don't care that it's there to make the collection on 18th November easier, I've got to sleep next to it for three weeks. I know Mike has no choice, I'm not mad with him, but even so I am really angry with the world, because I know that there are other hospitals that leave it much later. I'm scared that it'll get infected like Wallace's did, I don't care that they say that won't happen to Mike.


  1. I wondered what exactly to say and then realised that the best thing to do is just say everything and let you pick the bones out...

    At the Royal if your veins aren't up to the apherisis that put a femoral line in, which is just used for that.

    The Hickman line in the neck/chest goes in the day after being admitted for the SCT. Although these lines can be in for years they prefer to remove them sooner rather than later, ideally before escape home. Mine came out the day before - it was kept in as long as possible because they are easier than canulas but I had had a couple of infections not proved to be through the line but they had discussed taking it out sooner.

    Although I only had mine in when in hospital it wasn't as bothersome as I had thought it would be and unless Mike is dressing up as Tina in the privacy of your own home - he won't have a bra to complicate matters.

    That said I was glad when it came out and I don't think I would have liked to have it in for longer - but then again I don't even have my ears pierced!

    I'll pop some press'n'seal in the post. Beth recommended it to me and it works great for sticking over the plaster whilst having a shower.

    For goodness sake don't let Toni think it's a toy!

    Goodness that was longer than your post.

    Oh and great news on the pp drop.:D

    Oh, oh and I like the title!

  2. Mike's consultant wants him to have his Hickman Line in tomorrow partly because supposedly there isn't another appointment before the 18th Nov. and because "just in case" his veins aren't good enough. I guess I'm just pissed off that I've got to live with it for 5 weeks plus the time it's in during Mike's holiday. I know it's worse for Mike, but still, he doesn't have to look at it when he's wearing his dress.

  3. Tim had his hickman catheter in for over 2 months if I remember(at the top of his chest). They put it in for his 4 day CDEP infusion, and 5 days of aphoresis, and then his transplant kept being put off. I actually think it was close to 3 months. He was darn glad to get it out but he never got an infection and it saved him a whole lot of venipunctures in his arm veins as they can do all the blood draws from it.I can tell you most emphatically, there was NO PROBLEM with intimacy issues. Glad to hear of the falling PP #'s. The time will go fast and it will all be in the past before you know it.

  4. Well we are not having too many problems so far ...I

  5. Sounds like you have gotten some great advice on this problem, so I'll only add that you have a right to rant and rave about something so upsetting and I will be intending that this time goes by quickly so that the line can be removed and that Mike is on the road to better health after it all....