Thursday, 7 October 2010

Myeloma Marathon

I don't know what it feels like to have myeloma, I can only speak as a carer.

We are approaching what feels like the final leg of our first marathon to beat myeloma. I hope it is the only one we have to endure, but the chances of that are very slim. Mike has his last Velcade infusion next Monday and then it's off to the QE to make all those delightful final arrangements ready for his SCT. Those of you who have been there, done that, got the T-shirt and have already written the book, don't need me to list the battery of tests, by the time they've finished this round, there will be a whole shelf of tests results on Mike.

Personally I've never been much of a runner. I can't sprint and my long distance running has never been much cop either. I just hope I can finish this race.


  1. You will finish the race. I always say, if I could do it, anyone can. Just keep doing the "one foot in front of the other" thing. You only have to cope with and get through today. It can be too overwhelming to think of all of it at once.

  2. If B can get thru it I'm sure you can! Remember he saved his crisis for the night I got home and was overwhelmed at the prospect of towel washing! :D

    AND have you seen Denise's profile pic? Talk about glam and Denise doesn't look too bad either! ;D

  3. Just keep jogging. Make sure you are wearing good strong shoes and a sports bra. We will all be cheering you on!

  4. Ha! I can tell you that it is the VERY RARE occasion that I look like that. I spent so much on that "frock" that I told Tim to bury my arse in it when I die though I'm not sure I could squeeze that arse into it right now. :o(
    Tim's moustache photographed a little funny in this shot too. In real life, it doesn't look like 2 caterpillers napping on his upper lip.
    The down side of that day(Tim's friend's wedding) was that one of Tim's old friends from high school has a drinking issue and was all over me that day. YIKES! I don't think his fiance was too pleased.

  5. 12 months in to this treatment journey and I would definitely say its a couple of marathons! You guys are going to do great. I can't wait to hear the day +100 results from the SCT. Much love and domination to you guys. -Phil