Saturday, 4 September 2010

Milky mix up.

While we were driving to the hospital yesterday Mike spotted one of the posters advertising Anchor...
Mike: Made by coors since 1886?

Me: Made by cows, haven't you seen the TV ad?

Mike: What did they do before 1886?

Me: They used pigs?

Mike: What? Pork butter?

P.S. Mike's paraprotein is down to 12 from 27 after 1 and 3/4 cycles of Velcade. Must be all that laughing.


  1. Yay!!!!! Well it's about time it dropped, especially after all the money the NHS has spent on Mike this year! He's probably done some pensioner out of a hip replacement! :D

    Beer flavoured butter could be a way round alcohol putting extra pressure on Mike's kidleys!

  2. It certainly is fun to see the world from a Literalist's eyes... and so glad the trend is downward for the details and upwards for the smiles...