Thursday, 2 September 2010

Long Time No Pill

When you want to push on and get those nasty PP things shot, having 10 days rest from the nice Cyclophosfamide and the wonderful Dexamethasone and the beautiful Velcade, is a bit of a bind. Feel like i'm floating in a glider, looking for a thermal. So i'm off up to the Inland Revenue office to ask em if I need to pay em for 2009-2010 or if I should just keep running...... tempted :-P.
Tomorrow is consultant day, where I circle the Heart and Lung unit for an hour till I find a parking space 1/2 a mile away behind all the shoppers and sightseeers and queue for the vampires at 9 am. Get my results sheet from the techi, and check the PP levels that I cheated and wrote up on last weeks blood form....don't tell anyone will is probably illegal to waste NHS funds on sneeky peeks at my slippery slope. Then it's back home for Coffeee..... oops, no, not allowed Coffee, got dodgy Kidenknees. I love Coffee more than I like Kidneys, maybe swop?
Back to clinic and wait to see Dr. B, and hope that he's tellin me i'm goin in the right direction for a change, and not that i'm reacting differently and stuff has got to change..... I used to like being different.... but this is
I'm gonna polish the car today, just in case.
On a lighter note, since I visited "Spec-Savers", the world seems a lot clearer. My FIRST pair of glasses ever....but I look dead sexy in em apparently.....I'll ave a bit of that, i don't say xx

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  1. Well I do hope you enjoy your break from the Chemo and all the results continue well. Hamada now wears glasses which he continues to blame the MM for. I say it might have something to do with getting older but he won't have it! All the best both x