Sunday, 12 September 2010

Getting them out for the girls.

Well some of you knit and some of you sew, some of you even do both. Me, I like food, I'm fascinated by how our mothers, grandmothers and beyond wouldn't dream of buying a ready meal full of additives and with no fridges or freezers had no choice but to make do with fresh and used preserving methods for those foods that could cope. With this in mind, I have spent the weekend putting together this larder of food:With the weather starting to change I thought I'd better make use of the glut of green tomatoes I still have and made them into tomato chutney. My nan ALWAYS made pickled onions for Christmas, although she usually had to hide a couple of jars or they'd all have been eaten long before and the Victoria sponge was made with the time honoured method of weigh your eggs and use that weight of butter, sugar and flour. The cake no longer looks quite so complete, Mike, Toni and I all like sponge with blackcurrant jam (not homemade this year, but hopefully next as I planted a blackcurrant bush earlier this year!)

Oh, for those of you wondering about the title, it was what Mike exclaimed as I laid out my wares! He knows how much us girls like sharing our homely talents. All that time in the kitchen does have it's drawbacks though....... it means it appears I can't be arsed to post. ;-)

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  1. WHAT! :D

    I was going to say your cake looked lovely with the fancy icing sugar but now I don't know - it may appear like I'm creeping! I've never heard that method about 'w-haying' your eggs - I'm going to check with my Auntie En that that's legit!

    Peeling shallots - isn't that great! I remember a friend and I standing out our kitchen sink with stinging eyes having a great time doing that when I was about 10 - now I can't quite understand how my Dad was able to convince us we were having fun!