Friday, 27 August 2010

My vacuum needs a vacation.

I'm not sure whether it is a sudden change in the weather, but over the last couple of weeks it would appear that both Toni and Mike have decided to shed their coats and cause my poor vacuum to work more hours than I personally feel it should. I am still working on January's Myeloma Moobs photo, the way things are going it may turn out barer than originally planned, a woolly hat may be needed in addition to the suggested sock.

Toni could do with moulting a bit quicker at the moment... she somehow got involved with a hair dying session and now has peach coloured spots!


  1. I have this image of you standing in a pile of sheddings with the beleaguered vacuum looking somewhat bewildered... is that the case? I'd say 'hats off to ya' but I'm afraid it might only add to the pile... ;-)

  2. Is Mike secretly plucking his chest in preparation for the photo? ;D

  3. I haven't the patience to pluck them, so I tend to wax him. ;D

  4. You could spin the fluff...?
    And by the way... I am not sure everyone knows about the Myeloma Moobs idea...?!