Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Comfy shoes.

Has anyone else noticed that just when you've managed to make a pair of shoes comfy they promptly fall to pieces, and then you can't find another pair that you like? Well today has felt a bit like that. Today we bid a fond farewell to our lovely young doctors Pip and Rachel. We had just got them to the point where they understood our humour, no mean feat I can tell you. They both took the time to listen to us and as anyone who has had a "holier than thou" doctor will know, sometimes all we want is to have our opinion heard. We wish them both the very best for the future, we will miss them.

Goodness only knows what their replacements will be like!


  1. I reckon they will choose someone just as lovely.

  2. Due to technical difficulties Paula cannot comment so she sent her witty remarks to my email and I quote:

    "I know exactly how you feel. Now we have a professor that we can say anything to no matter how stupid he may think it, he still listens and comments, and he's retiring in two months!"