Friday, 27 August 2010

My vacuum needs a vacation.

I'm not sure whether it is a sudden change in the weather, but over the last couple of weeks it would appear that both Toni and Mike have decided to shed their coats and cause my poor vacuum to work more hours than I personally feel it should. I am still working on January's Myeloma Moobs photo, the way things are going it may turn out barer than originally planned, a woolly hat may be needed in addition to the suggested sock.

Toni could do with moulting a bit quicker at the moment... she somehow got involved with a hair dying session and now has peach coloured spots!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sister act.

About three weeks ago one of our favourite nurses, Liz, was promoted to Sister. This gave us a wonderful idea, but due to the one week break in treatment, days off and a weeks holiday for her (who said she could have a week off!!!) it wasn't until today that we could finally put our cunning plan into action. After hours of sewing bias binding onto the collar, sleeves and pocket and cutting and gluing we came up with this:
So authentic was my handiwork on the watch, that Mike left his watch at home!

Meanwhile in the vegetable patch, things have slowly been growing, by which I mean too slow for my liking. Patience is NOT one of my many virtues.... cough cough.

Toni of course just sits and observes all the hard work!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Comfy shoes.

Has anyone else noticed that just when you've managed to make a pair of shoes comfy they promptly fall to pieces, and then you can't find another pair that you like? Well today has felt a bit like that. Today we bid a fond farewell to our lovely young doctors Pip and Rachel. We had just got them to the point where they understood our humour, no mean feat I can tell you. They both took the time to listen to us and as anyone who has had a "holier than thou" doctor will know, sometimes all we want is to have our opinion heard. We wish them both the very best for the future, we will miss them.

Goodness only knows what their replacements will be like!

Became Absorbed

Was just lookin for shock absorbers for the rear of my car....... and the search came up with this.......Shock absorbers