Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sponge Mike, Square One.

Well folks, it's back to square one xx.
Went to the Q.E. in Birmingham yesterday to an appointment with P.M. and B.C. (the time twins?). It was an appointment I thought, that was to bring the transplant forward a month or so because I was doing "so well". BANG! Jaw hit the floor. Para-proteins back up to 27 ish,( where they were in December, just before my official diagnosis ) and SCT now postponed till Christmas time.
So it is back to the bigger glass of water and the larger needle and the sack of tablets, ( including 10 Dex four times a week ;D), to get rid of the bone pain that has re-emerged and to make sure I am still here when the SCT collection starts.
Lorna is my strength and you and all your support are enough to help me get through this.
ta, Mike xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I loved the movie when I took my granddaughter to see it years ago...... But , yes, ....what a ........ lol xx

  2. Drat and double drat... add some baking soda to that large glass of water... I've heard it helps to make it more acidic which is supposed to be beneficial in fighting this Beast.

  3. Sorry to read this Mike. It took H quite a while to reduce the PP first time round for SCT. He managed it with thalidomide + Dex after several chemo treatments but it took a while. Keep your chin up, we are cheering you on and sending our very best wishes.

  4. Hey Mike - Sorry to hear what's up. I had shot Lorna an email a few weeks back. If you have some bloodwork, etc., I have a few docs that I can run by to give you some other feedback. Let me know if I can help.

    bill (rugbyhubby)

  5. That's not fair.
    I can't think of anything more intelligent to say.