Thursday, 1 July 2010

Me and my big mouth

I spoke too soon it seems. Mike is still feeling fine but......... his blood tests yesterday showed too much potassium along with the ever present creatinine and urea, and they wanted to keep him in to monitor his heart over night. Mike decided there was no way he was staying in, so after a couple of things by IV he came home, having signed the form to say he had refused medical treatment. He did agree to return this morning for another blood test, which is where he is now.

Mike is still in good spirits however, as demonstrated by his choice of clothes for the day. I didn't get a chance to take a picture so you will have to make do with ones from our last holiday in Turkey.
Now I'm sure you are all wondering about his reasoning regarding his wardrobe choice. Was it because the weather is so nice? Is it because he wanted to remember happier times? The reason is very simple:
Mike: I've got so much potassium I'm turning into a banana..........
Edit: Mike is safely home. He is no longer becoming a banana!


  1. Mike and Lorna,
    There are no yellow straight bananas.
    Mike may look yellow but Mikes legs are straight.
    Therefore Mike is not a banana.
    Well maybe half a banana.
    The dexo made me say it.

  2. Well I guess if you're going to be a banana you best look like one! Hats off to Mike as I would have done the same (I just don't have a yellow shirt that's quite as loud!)

    I shot you an email a week or so ago. I may have some assistance I can offer, or at least some other doc opinions that may be of value. Let me know.


  3. Well you wouldn't have had trouble finding him in that shirt!