Sunday, 18 July 2010

Handbags and glad rags.

I know, I know, I haven't posted for what feels like forever. I could sit here and give you a load of reasons, but Mike says (ok I say) reasons are really just excuses. A quick resume of how things have been going then. I'm finally starting to feel human again, although the slightest sniff of the food trolley when Mike goes for his Velcade, and I'm ready to vomit for England (sorry anyone who is a bit delicate). Talking of Velcade, Mike has just finished a cycle of Velcade that was half dose once a week, in effect a quarter of the amount in previous cycles. Due to the unplanned break in treatment and possibly the reduced dose of Velcade, Mike's pp have gone from 11 to 16 and so Mike's next cycle will be full dose of Velcade once a week ( which makes it half the original) ready for his SCT which may be brought forward...... Watch this space.

Serious stuff over. After the banana incident Mike decided with some encouragement from the nurses to make Velcade Wednesdays fruit and vegetable Wednesdays. Banana week was followed by carrot week and then tomato week.
Tomato week was a failure (or as my girls would say a fail) as the dye turned his clothes more of a raspberry/pink.

Mike has decided that his next project is to see just how long and curly his hair can grow before it all falls out during his SCT. He's actually hoping that it grows to it's 1974 proportions and that when it returns after his SCT it is actually straight and not ginger. If it doesn't grow back straight, he says he's going to buy it a pink handbag.


  1. Almost always, hair that was even straight before grows back curly after losing it from chemo. But, in Tim's case, after the curl grew out and was cut off, he was left with pin straight hair when he had plenty of wave and body before.(he is not happy about this)Even stranger is that it is quite a bit darker and has never gone back to his original color leading some folks to think he is dying his hair.
    He now has a dark blonde moustache and darker brown hair and hardly a gray in sight. Wish I could say the same for me....well, minus the moustache part.

  2. What the ...? I'm glad you're feeling more human. If those get-ups don't same Mike's PP level into submission I don't know what will! x

  3. Oops I meant shame not same.

  4. I don't think I want to see Mike as a green pepper or a banana... too hilarious!! Staying tuned for continued healing...

  5. I think Mike should go as a jackfruit - that would really stir things up! My hair came back more curly. I finally posted some pics. I did not have any change in color though there is a bit more white up top than previously. I thinking, at some point, when all this mess is behind us, we do a fund raising effort where we all shave our heads and don the banana costume to raise funds for MM research. Think of the pictures, globally!

    Be well and hope to speak to you guys soon.

  6. Can't wait! Gonna wear the outfits while I'm in the Up for it?