Wednesday, 30 June 2010

What a difference a month makes.

Back in April I decided that instead of growing a few chillies, tomatoes and courgettes in pots I would make myself a little vegetable patch up a corner in the garden. I hadn't realised at that point that I'd be unable to tend it for weeks during what appears to have been a very vigorous period of growth. In four weeks my peas have grown from this:

To this: I'm not sure that the photos give a true picture, the tallest pea plant is now nearly 7 foot tall! (The back of the seed packet said they grew to 70 cm!!!!)

So I now have sugar snap peas:



The poor carrots, beetroots, potatoes, chillies, leeks and sweetcorn have yet to produce anything worth a photo, but fingers crossed by the Autumn they too will have done their bit for healthy eating. I'm not sure they could officially be called organic (if you compost non-organic food is the compost also non-organic?) but the fact is that other than home-made compost, there has been nothing else used on them.


  1. You made it through the back door then. I was beginning to think the next time we heard from you would be a segment on the news about a wall being taken down to get you out of the house! ;D

    How are you both doing?

  2. Mike is feeling really well at the moment (touch wood and fingers crossed it stays that way.) He started back on the chemo at a reduced dose last Wednesday and so far so good the much smaller dose of dex has certainly been much more pleasant.
    Me, well I somehow got an urinary infection. All go in this house!

  3. Lorna, Sorry about the urinary infection. Are you on antibiotics? What chemo is Micky on? I have thought so much about the both of you. The garden is gorgeous and nothing but compost!

  4. What dexo doseage was Micky on and what is he on now. I noticed an improvement in side effects going from 40mg to 20mg.

  5. Sid, Mike was on 80 mg a week, 4 days of 20 mg. He's now on 20 mg per week, 2 days of 10 mg. Mike definitely feels better for it.

  6. Very impressed! My veg garden is currently a rotivated plot of earth. The courgettes are still in pots on the bedroom windowsill. The radishes and broccolli are still in the seed packet. And it is July already. Oops

  7. Lovely delicious veggies bound to do you good and so much tastier straight from your garden. Great work going on there and here's hoping you are both feeling much better today.