Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Samuel Langhorn Clemens

'The report of my death is an exaggeration." Mark Twain.

Yes folks we are both still alive and well. Things have just been, shall we say chaotic? Mike was given home leave on Thursday, which worked out well, as the sink decided to finally part company with the work surface on Friday, oops! So off to the local DIY store we went to browse sinks, taps, kitchens and tiles. It was at this point that the hospital called to check on how Mike was feeling, (actually they just wanted to give his bed away!) We also learnt that when they say "home leave" they really mean "be a prisoner at home."

So on Saturday, with a lot of help with lifting, we drove our new sink and kitchen home....... and the clutch went on the car. Mike managed to get us home, nearly 40 years in the motor trade has given him plenty of practise it seems.

Sunday was spent taking out some of the old units. All was fine until Mike came to sweeping up and the central heating pipe fell to pieces! It seems that the previous owner had a rather strange way of doing things, I'm sure he didn't say his name was Heath Robinson, but I may be wrong.

So at this moment in time I have no sink, just an outside tap, a cooker, a small piece of work surface and all my pots and pans etc. in boxes. The microwave has gone to live in the garage. Oh and tomorrow at 7 a.m. I go in for my "little" op.


  1. I'm so glad you're both alive - I was nearly fretting! Just think by the time you get home from your boob job, I mean 'little' op, you'll have a sparkly new kitchen! Good luck with the op!

  2. Oh my. Well at least you can have a rest while it's your turn in the hospital. Is it a "family bed" like when you get first dibs on a particular seat at the theatre because you are there so often? If so,make sure you eat lots of ice cream and laugh lots. Actually, do that anyway.

  3. I'm over here sending you good intentions for the "little op," and I realize that no op is really little... so sorry about the sink - now you have a great excuse to not do the dishes! Dishpan hands are vastly overrated as a way to make your nails grow!
    I intend that you and Mike have a lovely relaxing weekend with some sunshine and roses and buttercups... like the old sixties song!

  4. Welcome home folks and you came home with the kitchen sink!!
    Good health.

  5. As they say here stateside, "it never rains,
    it pores." Hope everything is getting put back
    into its rightful order. Not sure what your "op" was but hope that all went smoothly!