Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Things I have learnt over the last few days:

1) I am a complete and utter wimp.
2) Laughing is difficult but possible.
3) No matter how much you hold your stitches, a cough hurts.
4) Sneezing is 10 times worse than coughing.
5) Holding your stitches while being sick doesn't help one bit it just spoils your aim. It's agony pure and simple.
6) I now know how ill Mike will be feeling during SCT.


  1. It is so good to see you posting again. I hope you are feeling better. It was quite obvious Micky missed you so much.

    Rebecca Weber

  2. Oh, so sorry to hear you got a cold on top of your other adventure. Here's an intention that every little cell is healthy and well right now!!

  3. SCT nothing to it! I mean, the party only starts when things turn green, there's blood in the sick, you start talking gibberish, you wee 10 litres in one day and throw up in the rice pudding. Actually in a perverse way (okay maybe extremely perverse) having felt not too bright makes me appreciate how well I feel now. Glad you're home and hopefully things will ease up when you're destapled. Is the kitchen sorted or did Mike spend too much time rooting in the garage and trying on loose skirts? x

  4. Kitchen not finished, but Mike has been very comfy during the warm weather, plenty of air flow around his legs. ;)

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon Lorna

  6. Oh, oh - I keep forgetting to mention this - I met a guy months ago who'd had a SCT for MM who was a similar age to Mike and his biggest problem was the trots which stopped after taking tablets and boredom! :D

  7. But we're talking about Mike here. He's only got to look at a tablet and he seems to break out in some previously unknown allergic reation! ;-)