Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Dear Auntie Paula

Dear Auntie Paula,
I was so excited when the post lady called on Saturday, actually I'm always excited to see anyone who comes up the path. I might be small, but I usually jump high enough to scare them! Mom let me unwrap my present by myself, I was so excited. Wow, a new ball, I was so excited. Mom and Dad played "goalkeeper" with me for a while, I was so excited. Then I sat on the sofa while Dad opened the other parcel, I was so excited. Dad muttered something under his breath, he didn't seem very excited. In the parcel was two myeloma buddies who looked good enough to chew, I was really excited at that thought.
Mom decided they should be called Mr. Mint and Ms. Bumble (Dad was starting to foam at the mouth until she made this suggestion.) Mom said your Auntie would understand, something about the other team?

I loved the card too, I was really excited to see that JRT with a bone. I got even more excited when Mom and Dad went out a bought me one of my own.

While Mom made lunch Dad gave me my ball to play with again, I was really really excited this time. Dad doesn't keep such a close eye on me though, and when Mom found me I'd done this:
Mom says I can't have it back until she's sewn it. She was going to do it, but Dad got sick again and she hasn't had chance to buy any white cotton.
I'm so sorry Auntie Paula.
Love Toni. x


  1. How is Micky?

  2. How can you reprimand such a dear little face? Besides, I don't think doggies can hear scolding... it sounds something like this.. "bad blah, blah, blah... no blah, blah, blah.... don't blah, blah, blah." and they ignore any instructions that follow. However, their hearing for "Good dog, bring that here, sit, stay, etc." seems to be intact.... curious, isn't it?
    So sorry that MIke is still struggling - prayers and intentions for getting through this rough patch to both of you.

  3. This is so cute! Thanks for the chuckle. :)

  4. Dear Toni

    I sincerely hope the colour choice wasn't a contributory factor in your Dad's temperature!

    Auntie Paula x

  5. TONI! Take that little innocent look of your face! You know you done wrong! Auntie Paula spent a long time making that ball for you.

  6. You two are so wonderful and I so appreciate the humor as well as the candor as we follow Mike's progress. He is in all our thoughts and prayers. Love to you both from across the sea. Nancy ( Rugbyhubby's mom)

  7. Wolverine (Ocean's Myeloma Buddy) hopes to meet Mr. Mint and Ms. Bumble some time soon! Hilarious post.