Monday, 14 June 2010

Breakdowns as a child

Was in the garage last night trying to find the jigsaw to cut out the sink hole in the new kitchen surface, when I found an old diary that i'd been awarded by my junior school at christmas of 1966. Nostalgia took over at this point, as I fondly remember this diary was a prize for baking and icing the best christmas cake in my class. You are probably confused about the post title at this point, but all is about to become clear.
I was reminded as I perused the first few pages, that apart from the reminders for swimming, scouts and that the school broadcasts were to commence on Monday 17th January with "Singing Together", that my father's car was always breaking down or he was helping someone who had. Wednesday 19th January 1966, "Towed a car to Kinson Motors with dad and his friend Paul". Later that week......" Got late for schoo-l(the L went onto the next line)becose I was helping dad push the car but it still didn't start". So you see, my life as a child was one breakdown after another. Most of the kids today don't know they've lived in comparison, and all of this because I need a new sink.
Oh, and Lorna is being released from hospital today.....Toni wonders if mommy will want me to take her a loose skirt and some socks to come home in.....


  1. Micky, If I could wave a magic wand, I'd buy you a new car. On the other hand, look how much we know how to do compared to the kids today. We had to learn to fix things or we went without. Yes, take Lorna a change of clothes just in case. She will be touched you remembered. I know you will be happy to have her home. You are a good husband. I pray for the both of you daily. Rebecca Weber

  2. I take some sort of top as well, if I were you! ;D

  3. Hope by the time this is read she is home and settled in for a few laughs about "fixing things" and that all is progressing well in your world(s)...

  4. Hope all is well! And take some shoes and knickers too...