Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday news and Quote of The Day

I've just got back from visiting Mike and I'm so exhausted that this post will be just the bare facts. Mike is feeling much better than yesterday. He has managed to eat and drink and has been given two units of blood over six hours. I wasn't there, but Mike tells me someone came to speak to him this morning about his MRI scan. There are no myeloma deposits (I didn't even know they thought there might be) and no lesions. They have found a possible source of his headaches and the numbness in his lips, cervical spondylosis/spondylitis.

His lips and tongue are still swollen and he is still very sleepy.

Quote of the day, and I'm sure you all know what's coming: "How can I have cervical spondylitis, I haven't got a cervix?" I kid you not, that is exactly what Mike said to me when I repeated what I had read.


  1. Thanks for posting. One of our neighbour's has spondylosis he takes amitriptyline which I think acts as a muscle relexant. I really do think there should be a universal law that says if you get one thing you can never ever get anything else! Opps bit of a pointless rant. Try and take it as easy as possible! x

  2. OK - a diagnosis is a definite step forward. I used to work woith someone who had that and he managed to control it well enough to hold down an office job as long as kept active and moved around at regular intervals. Velcade is only one of many treatments - I wouldn't get too upset about it not working for Micky - he has plenty other drugs to try, so I hope the docs work out a better one for him.

  3. Hi Lorna - just catching up with two or three days worth of your blog. So sorry to hear that Mike has been so poorly. I do hope that he gets better soon I know how you must feel about the Velcade but there are other treatments so try not to worry too much. I wish I could help you more but please remember I am thinking of you both and keeping everything crossed that Mike comes home soon and that you regain your strength and optimism. ss

  4. Here's hoping treatment works for Micky. And my first belly laugh of the day about Micky not having a cervix.

    Hang in there Lorna.

    Rebecca Weber

  5. Ok - so I don't read the blog since the American Pie post (i know it wasn't that but you should get the drift) and all hell breaks loose!?! My first thought was he lied about playing rugby and was actually a prop in another life, hence the degenerated vertebrae. I'm just at this post now but catching up.