Tuesday, 11 May 2010


If I have already told you all this then apologies for repeating myself.

The doctor Mike saw yesterday has decided Mike needs a second MRI on his skull, as without it the neurology department will not let them refer him. Hopefully they will do the scan today. He is feeling better in himself I think, although the problems remain with his mouth and so his speech. Mike must be getting back to himself as he called me to say he'd had a run in first with one of the nurses and then with a pharmacist over his drugs. Last Tuesday he was prescribed an anti-fungal, an antibiotic and had his dose of Aciclovir increased as there were signs of an infection in his urine and as they weren't sure at the time gave him everything to cover whatever it might be. It was meant to be a five day course which Mike started on Wednesday. So by now he should have finished. BUT the drugs are written on his notes from admission and so as a doctor hasn't crossed them off, he has jolly well got to take them, well Mike says NO NO NO! So the pharmacist came to speak to him. A similar conversation was had and eventually she left saying "I'll leave you to it then."

I'm still scared stiff by it all and sort of numb. There are nervous butterflies in my tummy all the while and I just don't know what to do with myself when I'm not with him at the hospital. I'll update after visiting this evening if there is any news.


  1. You have my support and wishes for all good things.

  2. Dear Lorna ,
    Glad hes a little better sorry you feel so lost and hes home soon.
    Giving longer than 5 days antibiotics isnt a bad thing as often ewe need the old style longer courses to get rid of the infection ,if there was one.
    They should have sent an MSU (midstream urine specimin) off to lab before he started the antibiotic to see if bacteria were present and which antibiotic its sensitive too,They may have results back ?

    If it did grow bacteria they need to send another when hes finished antibiotics to see if infections now gone,you may know all of this but I just wanted to check.

    Hope they did the scan and you are nearer knowing what caused this

    best wishes