Wednesday, 26 May 2010

NHS money saving exercise?

I think we have discovered a cunning plan by the NHS to save on the 'leccy, that or the staff were in the mood for a rave but couldn't afford the glow-sticks.

Sitting in bay 1 yesterday was a bit like having a picnic at Sellafield. I'd got Mike on the right of me, who had been down for his nuclear imaging at lunchtime, Dave on my left who had popped down for radiotherapy at 3:00 pm and Tony across the way, who had also been for nuclear imaging. Tony had also had a day trip off to the QE in Birmingham, they have better stuff over there, (well that's what Brummie Mike always tells me). Tony had been told by the team over in Brum that he was to keep away from pregnant women and young children for 24 hours, still they stuck him back in his bed up the corner, afterall, pregnant women and young children are rare on CHU. They might at least have put a warning sticker on his forehead!

During the afternoon visiting, while Dave and Tony were off being treated, Mike had an echocardiogram done. Ooh, ah, pretty pictures. Mike couldn't see the screen, but I sat there watching his valves go flip, flop, flap, (well they opened and closed like they should, but that's not fun words.) There was sound too, whoosh, whoosh whoosh. I should have asked if we could have copies printed to put in the family album.

Quote Of The Day: Tony said he was going to audition for The Simpsons, as the nuclear rod.


  1. I know this wasn't any picnic for you, but you are showing some real "gumption" by being the squad's cheerleader! I know everyone benefitted from your upbeat attitude... good on you!

  2. Maybe you could buy the dvd to use as a screensaver?

  3. Sounds like Mike won't have any problems finding the toilet in the dark - he glows! Tell him to keep at it and kick this thing!