Friday, 14 May 2010

Friday morning downer

Well it's 6:30 on a Friday morning. Mike has just called to say good morning and update me on his night. Not good. He has only had a couple of hours sleep. He has been trying to drink, but the water keeps coming back down his nose, so at 4:00 this morning they put him back onto IV fluids. I spoke to Dr A yesterday and I know they are searching for answers to his problem, but at the moment none of the puzzle pieces seem to want to fit together. The lumbar puncture didn't happen yesterday, Dr P wanted to wait until they had received the MRI report of his brain, he didn't want to do an invasive procedure if the answer could be found another way. Needless to say the report didn't arrive to my knowledge and so it will probably happen today.

We've just got to try and stay positive.


  1. It's good that he can call you. Sorry the news isn't better but that contact is so important. Hugs.

  2. Lorna, Prayers and positive thoughts are still being said for you and Micky. I had hoped there would be a diagnosis by now. I am so sorry. Yesterday's picture: You look stunning and I am sure Micky will love having the picture of you.

    Rebecca Weber

  3. Dear Lorna and Mike -- these are discouraging times when you have to keep waiting and hoping for answers that are sooooooo slow in coming.At least it sounds as if the medical team is taking a conservative approach and not putting MIke through painful procedures needlessly.
    Was there any chance he was having some kind of anaphylactic reaction to either a medication or a bug bite? The swelling sounds like a reaction... just an idea. I intend the weekend brings good news and relief to both of you...

  4. Hang in there, Mike and Lorna. I do hope they get to a diagnosis soon but in the meantime, big hugs coming your way.