Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Day 19 in the Big Brother House

Actually it's day 19 for Mike in hospital, but it's the same sort of torture. There isn't much to report, 3 more chest x-rays to see how the pulmonary oedema is doing. Nuclear imaging today, but I have no idea why. Still no sign of the renal expert, possibly because the ultrasound they did last week didn't show anything abnormal. Those of you out there who are carers will know exactly how I'm feeling I expect. There's a lot of not knowing what is going on and there is never anyone around during visiting time.

Wish I had more to tell you all.


  1. Lorna and Micky, I think about you guys all of the time. I'm praying that things turn the corner for the better. Your strength and zeal is amazing.
    So is your obvious love for one another. Keep fighting! Sean

  2. I wish I had some answers to offer up... it's always so hard to have all those questions and not finding anyone about must be torture! Prayers and intentions for answers and healing are being beamed your way - to both of you!

  3. Lorna,
    I'm not sure if things work the same way there, but here, all doctors that see a patient send
    a report of their findings back to the doctor that is handling the case, or requested the tests. If you are having a hard time getting answers and catching doctors during visiting hours, see if you can get a call from Mike's doc and have him explain where things stand and what
    the tests found/didn't find. Just a thought.
    Hang in there girl. I know this must be so darn hard.

  4. Well I know I can only image but I'm thinking you feel like doing on that advert - I think it's for a cold remedy - where the woman with the toddler in the supermarket trolley throws herself down on the ground and has a tantrum! xx