Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Today are thoughts are with Phil and Cassie. (No I haven't forgotten the rest of you!) Keep up the good work. Like the thousands that now follow you on facebook, we are rooting for you.

It's a funny old world. Three months ago we knew nothing about Multiple Myeloma, or American Football come to think of it! Now we know loads more about MM and a tiny bit more about the football, including the fact that some guy kicked a ball 44 yards just as time expired helping his team win 31-29 back in 2002.


  1. Well I've learned that if you put American in front of football you get a game that's played with a rugby ball by participants in very tight lycra pants and helmets (mmmmm?) and lots of padding to make them look butch, with about 83 players per team and each team is split into two halves so they only have to play for half the game and I'm not even sure if the ball has to actually touch the ground in a 'touch down'!